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RGKOFF graphic designer illustrator

"I want to do like Gotlib!"

Born in 1985 in Échirolles in the region of Grenoble in Isère, I grew up in Voreppe.

I've always loved drawing, watching cartoons and reading comics by Franquin, Gotlib, Maester, Hergé, Coyote and many others...

Even today of course!

Bac S in pocket, the applied arts stretched out their arms to meENAAI (Teaching in Applied Arts and Image).

Then we had to find a path in the image professions. 

Cartoons, caricatures, comics, illustrations, graphics...

so many areas in which I try to evolve.

Moreover, with experience, the teaching of drawing is essential to me and the pleasure of transmission settles. Individuals, associations, companies, schools, MJC, town halls and communities of agglomerations, as many institutions with which I collaborate to animate drawing workshops.

Today with more than 10 years of experience in illustration and graphic design, I continue to progress and share this passion for graphic arts.

On top of that, in 2021 I decided to throw myself into caricature.

Festivals, weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, company conferences, company Christmas trees... so many events in which live caricature is highly appreciated for its originality, its personalized aspect and the side "show" to see an artist perform a humorous and aesthetic interpretation of a live guest. 

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